La Casa Roja, Santiago, Chile.

Casa Roja pool

If you are young, active and going to Santiago, Chile, La Casa Roja is the place to stay. And don’t think that I’m giving it top marks just because I’m purloining the wifi connection here. I’ve stayed before, and will be staying again, and that’s a sentiment shared by lots of people who come by.

La Casa Roja -the Red House- is located in Barrio Brazil, the historic and bohemian center of Santiago. It’s a close walk to supermarkets, nightlife, metro, buses and several attractions (the Victor Jara museum is literally next-door, and in the morning you can hear piano and flutes while having breakfast in the patio).

Located in a nineteenth century Casona (painted red, obviously), it has a wealth of amenities, such as a pool, barbeque area, three patios, communal kitchen, laundry service, TV lounge and even it’s own bar.

There’s lots to see in Santiago and the surrounding area, but when you plan your trip, consider that you’re going to want to spend a day just in the Casa Roja. Not just to meet the staff, but to meet other travelers and get practical advice on what to see and what are the must-not-miss parts of your trip.

There is a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere here at all times, so do come by and get a load off your shoulders. (You didn’t think you were putting so much in your backpack, did you?)


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