Angelina Jolie’s Breasts Covered in Snake Oil

angelina-jolie-4-free-screensaver-10Let’s not delve into the reputation of snake oil salesmen, because it’s decidedly unpleasant. However, it appears that the idea we all have about snake oil and its vendors is wrong. Most egregiously and also curiously is that a lot of the misconception is crafted by the same quacks.

So, why specifically snake oil, when there were so many countless other miracle cures, including heroin and cocaine? You see, snake oil was originally brought to America by Chinese immigrants, who used it for assorted cures. One of the more popular applications was to make a salve to improve painful joints.

Quacks and other “snake oil salesmen” who weren’t Chinese would warn people not to buy snake oil, because it was poisoned, didn’t work, etc. The notion of a snake-oil salesmen as being duplicitous was crafted by competing quacks selling their own version of a cure-all. Basically their argument boiled down to “don’t buy their fake stuff; buy mine which is the real deal.”

But, it turns out the Chinese were on to something. Although snake oil doesn’t “cure” anything (at least that research hasn’t found yet), dr duckit’s healthy for the same reasons fish oil is: it’s high in Omega-3, helps reduce cholesterol, fights free radicals, etc. You won’t find a miracle cure all by ringing out a snake, but at least the oil is healthier than what most people eat every day.

OK, so where do Angelina Jolie’s breast fit in this whole thing? You see, quackery is not limited to the past couple of centuries; there
are plenty of people who continue the rich tradition of accusing their competitors of being quacks while doing plenty of quacking (and other duck-like activity) of their own. The linked article from once again argues that you shouldn’t buy what doctors are selling because they are only in it for the money. I’ll just have to presume that and Mr. Mike Adams are in the business of not making money.

Sure, Ms Jolie’s decision is a bit radical. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s just wrong how some sites use the media coverage she’s getting to get some exposure for their ideas. Which is not to be confused with the way I legitimately used her…attributes to get you to read this.


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