Škofja Loka, or take pictures, damnit!

So a while ago I went to Hungary with the family. Well, the family went to Hungary and I was going to get really lonely if I stayed behind, so I chose Hungary over loneliness. (Sorry, that’s the last lame pun in the article. I hope.)

Anyway, we were there quite some time, and it was a fantastic experience. Budapest is a very intriguing city, and they have really nice baths, architecture, lots of history, amazing baths, really friendly people, and of course the baths are definitely worth a visit. It was surprisingly easy to get used to living there -back then, it was really cheap to get great food there, as well. Oh, wait, it still is. After a few months, it came time to leave and on the train back to Austria we realized … we hadn’t taken any pictures of our time there.

Of course that’s rather inexcusable in an era of phone-cameras or phones that do everything but have good reception. So now just on general principles I take pictures of lots of innocuous things. But since I’ve moved to Škofja Loka, I’ve noticed that creeping “I’m living here so I can take pictures later” attitude that left me bereft of Hungarian pictures.

There’s lots of nice things to say about Loka, of course; chiefly the amazingly hospitable people and their wonderful ability to forgive my stubborn inability to learn Slovene. But for now I’m just getting some pictures and putting them in a safe place. And there are some really great places to visit and take pictures of around here. I just haven’t gotten around to seeing them all, yet. So, in the meantime:

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