About Me


Daniel John Grady is a financial analyst and regularly contributes strategy articles over at BinaryOptionStrategy.com. He is a former CFO with a degree in Financial Management and has been published in both English and Spanish. With over eight years of equities trading experience, he is primarily interested in foreign exchange and emerging markets with a focus on Latin America. Besides also speaking Spanish and Portuguese, he sometimes writes English in the third person.

Writing and Editorial Background:

Daniel showed a very early interest in writing in general, although he initially funneled his creativity into computer programming. He’s fluent in HTML, conversant in CSS and Java, and might be able to communicate in C. However, his primary interest is in reaching out to readers with compelling articles that are both informative and interesting.

As such, he’s crafted several advertising campaigns and developed entire websites to match. With the rise of social media, he has become adept at both SEO and SMM; understanding that quality content is what drives views. Generally he likes to leverage in his extensive financial knowledge and experience, writing about financial matters.

But not everything is all work. In his down-time, Daniel is a prolific storyteller, and writes short stories (some of which can be sampled here) when he can spare some creativity from his forthcoming novel. He loves to travel, and hopes to have the opportunity to help his fellow travelers with his writing.

Some publication history

Minibiography: Diego Forlán, 2012, ISBN 1422226123, Amazon, B&N

Minibiography: Mario Yepes, 2012, ISBN 1422226646, Amazon.

Research paper (Editor): Effects of Plyometric Training Volume and Training Surface on Explosive Strength, 2013, US National Library of Medicine.

Some employment history

Freelance writer: 2011-2013: Express Writers Online. 2013-current: Coalition Technologies.

Financial Manager: 2004-2011, Exse Ltd. Commercial services company.

Thanks for taking the time to peruse the site, and feedback is always appreciated.


Disclaimer: The content of this blog is for example purposes only and does not necessarily represent Daniel John Grady’s opinions or views. Comments are exclusively the responsibility of those who make them. Some content might be construed as offensive and reader discretion is advised. Links to and mentions of websites, blogs or products do not constitute endorsements. The veracity of statements in this blog have not been independently verified and should not be understood to constitute facts. This blog does not provide financial advice; any information regarding the markets, trends or other financial movements is for reference purpose only. Trading with leveraged instruments comes with a significant level of risk. Past results do not necessarily reflect future performance.




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