You would expect that in order to show off my writing, I’d pick the best bits of writing I’ve done for each category. But I think that writing is the most tailorable medium in existence, and compelling content depends on who is receiving the message. The best writing is that which touches the reader, and in order to do so, one must write with the reader in mind. How can I judge what you will like best if I don’t know you?

WritingWith that in mind, I’ve selected a few samples to show off my use of the language, composition and research ability. Skills that I would adapt to your project to do the best writing for you and the audience you want to reach. I have chosen a couple of my favorite categories, such as travel and finance, but I’ve written on a broad range of subjects. Do please let me know if there is a specific subject you’d like a sample of. (Note the preposition at the end.)

The purpose of this site and the samples is to show versatility, not to stand as my personal soapbox. I am a writer, not a pundit; and the opinions, themes or even ideas that can be read through the lines do no necessarily represent my point of view. A good writer can convert you to his ideas; a great writer can write passionately about another’s ideas.

A General Commentary of Forex.

A Dark Fantasy Story.

A Travel Article.


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